"Seismic Resistant and Structure Analisis Series"

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Element Library

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Category Group Name Batch Windows
Frame Element Beam Elements 2D Beam element
3D Beam element
Nonlinear 2D Beam element
Nonlinear 3D Beam element
Truss element
Chord element
Cable element
2D fiber element
2D shear fiber element
3D fiber element
Panel Elements Spring element
Directional translation Spring element
Directional rotation Spring element
Multi-spring element
Nodal Spring element
Axial force depending Spring element
Shear Strain depending Spring element
Viscous element
Directional translation viscous element
User-defined element matrix
S-ODB element
Finite Element Solid / Shell Elements Hexahedral element
Plane Stress element
Plane Strain element
Mindlin Shell element
Mindlin Plate element
user defined nonlinear Brick element
user defined nonlinear Plane Strain element
Ground Modeling Elements Viscous damper for bottom boundary element
Viscous damper element for side boundary
Viscous damper element for out-of-plane boundary
2D side boundary element, with excavation force
3D side boundary element, with excavation force
2D joint element
Axisymmetric Elements Axisymmetric thin shell element
Axisymmetric Ring element
Axisymmetric Spring element
Axisymmetric viscous damper element
Fluid Element 2-Dimensional 2D Fluid element
2D Fluid-structure interaction element
2D Fluid surface element
2D Buoy effect element
3-Dimensional 3D Fluid element
3D Fluid-structure interaction element
3D Fluid surface element
3D Buoy effect element
Axisymmetric Axisymmetric Fluid element
Axisymmetric Fluid-structure interaction element
Axisymmetric Fluid surface element
Axisymmetric Buoy effect element

Material Nonlinear Model

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Type No. Material Nonlinear Models Batch Windows
1 Nonlinear elasticity (symmetric)
2 Nonlinear elasticity (asymmetric)
4 Nonlinear elasticity (asymmetric)
10 Bilinear
11 Trilinear
12 Origin directional bilinear
13 Maximum point directional bilinear
14 Degrading Trilinear (Muto model)
21 Slip type
26 Degrading Trilinear (Fukada model)
27 Maximum point directional bilinear (Takeda model)
28 Maximum point directional bilinear (Clough model)
29 Maximum point directional negative slope
30 Asymmetric Maximum point directional bilinear (modified Clough model)
31 Asymmetric Maximum point directional bilinear (Takeda model)
32 Asymmetric Degrading Trilinear (Eto model)
33 Asymmetric Maximum point directional
34 Asymmetric Origin directional
38 Degrading Trilinear (JR Soken model)
39 Degrading Tetralinear (Takeda model)
41 Bilinear Sliding model
42 Steel-Pier Anchor Slip model
43 Movable Support Sliding model
47 Degrading Trilinear (max point dependent stable loop type)
50 Hardin Drnevich
51 Ramberg Osgood
52 Modified GHE model
70 Joint model
73 τ-γ Curve model (Bilinear)
74 τ-γ Curve model (Hardin Drnevich)
75 τ-γ Curve model (Ramberg Osgood)
77 τ-γ Curve model (Modified Ramberg Osgood)
78 τ-γ Curve model (Modified GHE model)
79 Mohr-Coulomb nonlinear elasticity
80 Mohr-Coulomb perfect elasto-plasticity
100 Elasto-plastic beam model (for the bending and the shearing)
101 Elasto-plastic beam model (for only the bending)
102 Elasto-plastic beam model (for only the shearing)
120 Variational Axial strength bilinear
121 Variational Axial strength bilinear (modified Clough model)
122 Variational Axial strength Trilinear (modified Eto model, consider crack)
123 Variational Axial strength Trilinear (modified Eto model, neglect crack)
124 Variational Axial strength Degrading Trilinear (JR Soken model)
125 Variational Axial strength Degrading Trilinear (JR Soken model 2)
126 Variational Axial strength tetralinear (implemented Takeda model)
128 Variational Axial strength Trilinear
141 Wakabayashi model
150 Asymmetric bilinear
151 Simple Concrete model (bilinear, quadric)
152 Quadratic concrete model
153 Exponential concrete model
156 Reinforcing bar model (Hyperbola type)
157 Quadratic concrete model adding the hysteresis rule for tension
158 Expornential concrete model adding the hysteresis rule for tension
160 Asymmetric Trilinear
161 Takeda model
185 Wooden basic pattern nonlinear model
204 Nonlinear elasticity
205 S-ODB nonlinear elasticity model
233 Asymmetrical maximum point directional Trilinear
234 Asymmetrical origin directional Trilinear
250 Pressure/speed depended sliding model ( Public Works Reseach Institute Type)
400 Shearing Seismic isolation spring model 1
401 High damping laminated rubber model
402 LRB model
403 FDR model
404 Lead-plug laminated rubber model
405 Rubber bearing model
406 Lead-plug laminated rubber bearing model
407 High damping laminated rubber bearing model
408 Velocity to α-th power nonlinear model
409 Lead-plug rubber bearing model
‘SpecificationForHighwayBridges 2004 in JAPAN Road Assoc.’
410 ’OILES Viscous Damper’ model
411 Tin-Plug laminated rubber model (SWCC SHOWA DEVICE TECHNOLOGY)
412 High damping laminated rubber model (applicable to quintic functions)
450 Axial Seismic isolation spring model
2001-2020 User-defined nonlinear model 1
2101-2120 User-defined nonlinear model 2
2201-2220 User-defined nonlinear model 3
2301-2320 User-defined nonlinear model 4
2401-2420 User-defined nonlinear model 5
3001 P-C column restoring force model