"Seismic Resistant and Structure Analisis Series"

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General-purpose 3-Dimensional Dynamic Analysis Program for Civil Engineering and Architectural Use

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A Wide Range of Applications, covering Modeling, Analysis and Visualization

  • ■Many element groups specializing in engineering and construction are supported by material nonlinear models.
  • ■Exclusive elements for civil engineering and architectural fields, including a variety of material nonlinear models.
  • ■High-quality pre-posts integrated with TDAP III are applicable to wave processing and visualization. Available as an independent general-purpose tool.
  • ■Widespread use among customers, including research institutes, universities, construction companies, design offices and consultants.
  • ■High reliability with proven achievements High-speed processing

For 2-dimensional bridge structure models (degree of freedom:400), 5000 steps of nonlinear dynamic analysis can be processed within less than 7 seconds, using 1.8 GHz Pentium4 processor. For 3-dimensional models (degree of freedom: 2600, ArkFemView Sample), 5000 steps of quake-free nonlinear dynamic analysis can be processed within about 5 minutes.


Windows Version

Frequently implemented and easy to use functions. Complete integration of modeling, analyzing, printout and visualization. Only necessary functions can be purchased.

Windows Version Options

Functional Options
1. Basics (linear static analysis and eigen value analysis)
2. Response spectrum method
3. Mode superposition method*
4. Nonlinear static analysis, including stage construction analysis
5. Nonlinear time history response analysis*
6. Complex response analysis*
* Including "Output of multi-wave averaging" function

Size Options

Applicable Nodal Points
1. Standard version ( 2-dimensional about 3000, 3-dimensional about 1000 )
2. Advanced version ( 2-dimensional about 10000, 3-dimensional about 2000 )
3. Large version(in case of 1750MB)
( 2-dimensional about 40000, 3-dimensional about 8000 )

Element Options

1. Frame elements (2- and 3-dimensional beams, spring, multi-spring, damper, truss, chord, and compound nodal spring)
2. FEM elements (hexahedral element, plane strain, plane stress, shell. plate bending. joint, bottom and side ground boundaries, axisymmetrical solid, axisymmetrical shell, and user-defined element)

Batch Version

  • Data in text files are processed from command line.
  • All functions of TDAP III are available for higher flexible analysis.
  • Windows version data is applicable.
  • Applicable to different platforms, including PC, EWS and supercomputer.
  • *ArkFemView is a software developed by ARK INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. under the auspices of Information-technology Promotion Agency(IPA), Japan.
  • *ArkLisa is a software developed originally by Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPl), and tailored to TDAP III by ARK INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC.
  • *ArkQuake, ArkWave and ArkPlotView are products of ARK INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC.
  • *Windows NT and Windows are trade marks of Microsoft Corp.
  • *Pentium is a trade mark of the Intel Corp.
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URL : http://www.ark-info-sys.co.jp
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